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If you're hungry for a hearty Italian meal, Ignotz is a place that should be on your radar. At Ignotz, there are so many wonderful options that you really can't go wrong. There's pork chop vesuvio, pizza, sea bass in a lemon butter sauce, and delicious eggplant ... all for a pretty decent price! At Tanoshii on Clark, you can get the best sushi in town - but we must warn you - enter at your own risk because Chef Mike is fierce with his knife and his tongue. One unique thing that many people love about this hideaway is that for about $35, you can experience sushi with ingredients you never thought would pair well in a roll, like strawberries, grapes and whatever the chef decides to throw in!

For more information:


2421 South Oakley
Chicago, Il 60608

5547 North Clark Street
Chicago, Il 60640

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